Gretchen Craig’s lush, sweeping tales deliver edgy, compelling characters who test the boundaries of integrity, strength, and love. Told with sensitivity, the novels realistically portray the raw suffering of people in times of great upheaval.

Having lived in diverse climates and terrains, Gretchen infuses her novels with a strong sense of place. The best-selling Plantation Series brings to the reader the smell of Louisiana’s bayous and of New Orleans’ gumbo. Crimson Sky evokes the lives of people living under a searing sun among the stark beauty of mesas and canyons. Theena’s Landing summons the sweltering humidity of the Florida Everglades, the flash of scarlet ibis, and the terror of being stranded in a hurricane.

For lovers of the short story, The Color of the Rose is an award winning collection exploring the characters and issues that comprise Always and Forever.

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