The New Hope Series

Here Will I Remain: Book 1

The King of France saw his Louisiana colonists suffering for want of women, so he sent the New Hope with a ship load of young women from the prisons and asylums of Paris. Marie Claude and Agnes hope for a better life married to the strangers who claim them. Catherine, kidnapped and thrown aboard the ship, is the granddaughter of a great count, and struggles to adjust to her life as a pig farmer's wife, at least until she can get back to France to exact her revenge. What no one expects in this wilderness of privation is love, and yet . . .

What We May Be: Book 2

Sequel to Here Will I Remain, What We May Be is the story of the virtuous young women from Paris's convents and orphanages who are destined to become wives and mothers in Louisiana. Jolene, sent to Louisiana to shepherd the brides-to-be, has a different destiny, to become a holy nun, but temptation brings confusion and doubt. As the other women become wives, Jolene wonders what her true calling is. While her new friends from among the first wives face their own crises, Jolene learns from Marie Claude, Catherine, and Agnes what real love and commitment means.

The Plantation Series

Always and Forever

Set against a fascinating backdrop of 1830's Louisiana, Always and Forever is a sweeping saga of a Creole-American family and of two remarkable women whose friendship will be tested by prejudice, tragedy, passion, and the love of one extraordinary man . . . Book I of The Plantation Series

Ever My Love

The story continues as on the eve of the Civil War, the daughter of Southern planters finds her loyalties tested in a magnificent saga of family pride and forbidden love. Book II of The Plantation Series.


Nicolette Chamard, a free woman of color, risks her life to help the Yanks put an end to slavery. Andre Cailloux, the great African-American hero, leads the Native Guard into battle, establishing their courage and loyalty to the Union. And Yankee Captain Finnian McKee fights not only for the Northern cause but also for a future with Nicolette that transcends racial barriers. Book III of The Plantation Series.


After the Civil War, Lily Palmer flees to Louisiana to find herself in a stew of racial conflict. Alistair Whiteaker atones for his earlier injustices as a slave owner by supporting black civil rights. In spite of their deep attraction to each other, Lily's past and Alistair's dangerous pursuits in the name of justice culminate in heartache, and finally, in hope. Book IV of The Plantation Series.

The Plantation Series Guide

Compiled by the original author, this comprehensive guide to Gretchen Craig's Plantation Series, Always and Forever, Ever My Love, Evermore, and Elysium, includes all the information you and your book group need for a better understanding of the historical context of the novels and for rich, in-depth discussions.

Sections include: A Historical Timeline of the Plantation Series era. Extensive author notes on Louisiana history and culture, providing a context for the events in the series. A descriptive list of characters appearing in each of the four novels. A Discussion Guide for each novel, including synopsis, author notes, and topics for discussion. A list of answers to questions Gretchen frequently receives about her writing. Places to visit in Louisiana that relate to the history and events portrayed in the novels. A bibliography of authoritative sources on Louisiana history and culture. A list of some of Gretchen's favorite historical novels and authors.

Other Novels

Crimson Sky

New Mexico, 1598. A young pueblo woman struggles to raise her son in a world threatened by drought, marauding Indians, and invading Conquistadors. She must balance the desperate need to survive with the fierce desire to remain true to her identity as a woman of Cochiti.

Theena's Landing

Florida, the Miami River of the 1880s. A story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness, Theena grapples with her lover for the wrong man amid a wilderness of tropical blooms, terrifying reptiles, and devastating storms.


Tansy has been raised for a life as a beautiful quadroon in Old New Orleans -- a rich white man's mistress. And she is as she should be, biddable, loyal and submissive. But is this all there is? As Tansy matures, she wearies of telling herself that her narrow life is enough, yet she is terrified to leave behind security and plenty to become a self-reliant, independent woman.

The Lion's Teeth

In the winter of 1811, hundreds of slaves from plantations near New Orleans rose up in a desperate but futile attempt to win their freedom. Best-selling author Gretchen Craig presents an unconventional novel based on the events surrounding what became America's largest slave revolt.

Livy: A Love Story

Zeb seems to have found a way to be happy in spite of being a slave. Livy cannot reconcile herself to living the rest of her life working like a mule Their story is of two people, one full of light, one full of darkness, finding a life together of dignity and happiness.

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